TSB Indoor Bowls League 2012 A.G.M.

Chairman/ Treasurer                                                                          Match Sec

Gerald Ashworth                                                                                Derek Maskrey

0120-488-2478                                                                                    0161-272-0411

gerald.ashworth@sky.com                                               anndermask@tiscali.co.uk

 This note is to let you know that 2011/2012 A.G.M. will take place at Whitehead Park Vets Clubhouse on Tuesday the 24th of April at 10-15 am. Please go to website


to see information on The Agenda, Balance Sheet and Registration details.These may be printed off if required

Our operating loss for the past season was 61.05 and our Bank balance was 18.89 in deficit.

At last years A.G.M. it was agreed that the registration fee would be increased to 30 .00. this should keep us solvent for the next few years.

Please submit any proposals to Gerald before the A.G.M. by email or post.

Please turn up on the date and have your say and input


Registration Details for 2012/2013 Season

I wish to register/ withdraw the following teams for the new season


Signed Captain/delegate

I enclose  cash/ cheque for 30.00. I wish to register the following players





Please print all Names email contacts and the captains address and Phone no